Fresh New Look… Fresh New Domain… Fresh Start!

Dear friends and followers…

Are we still friends? I know I haven’t called.. or texted.. or dropped by.. or really been in contact as much lately… things got crazy when I switched jobs and moved cities. BUT I still really care about you and don’t want our relationship to fall apart because you and your goals really do mean a lot to me…

Ok cheesy part over. Time to own up. I’ve been horrible! So I apologize. I promise to get back into posting one or two posts every week to make sure I’m helping you guys get to where you want to be as efficiently as possible.

So with a fresh start comes a fresh new look. Changed up the look of the blog to make me feel springy when I’m deep in the winter blues. And we’ve had a change in domain so it’s no longer it’s I ditched the m. M’s are overrated. 😉

As my first order of business… I will post an update on my own fitness journey this afternoon. Get excited! Oh… and in the meantime why don’t you go lift something. 😉


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