Stop Cancelling on Yourself.

A client of mine was trying to get into the habit of getting up an hour earlier to get her cardio intervals done before she went to work. We joke about how with exercise sometimes it’s good to work out first thing in the morning before your mind notices what you’re doing. 😉 So instead of setting her alarm for 7, it was set for 6. There is an exercise room in her condo so all she has to do is go downstairs and get it done. Simple enough right?

You know what’s easier than heading downstairs to a gym to do intervals?

Hitting the snooze button.

What better way to start the day then some early morning procrastination! 😉 How do you think the rest of your day is set up to go if the first decision you make is to go back to sleep? We need to shift this mindset.

I told my client to consider this, if we had an appointment scheduled first thing in the morning… would she hit the snooze button and go back to sleep? Of course not! The whole idea of that is just absurd. She’s paying for a session so obviously she will be there, and she respects my time and knows I’ll be up early to train her so she’ll show up ready to go.

So why doesn’t this theory hold true for appointments we set for ourselves? You’re completely not ok with cancelling on your trainer, but you’re fine with cancelling on yourself? Something doesn’t add up.

Your personal workouts are appointments scheduled with yourself. Put them in your agenda. Set a reminder on your phone. If you wouldn’t cancel an appointment last minute with your trainer, your boss, your doctor… then why would you cancel on you? Your time is valuable, respect that and don’t cancel on yourself. Even if you’re tired, groggy, unmotivated… get up and get working. Remember, the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do.

Let’s make this a killer week, smash some goals and really take hold of what we want! I challenge you to not hit the snooze button tomorrow!

Oh… and you should probably go lift something. 😉


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