Friday Fit Tip #1 : Forget Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Ok, that title is not telling you not to eat. Just so no one is confused. I want to talk about the traditional model of breakfast, lunch, and dinner… and why it doesn`t always help.

What do we usually think of when I say the word breakfast?

  • cereal
  • toast
  • fruit
  • pancakes
  • french toast
  • breakfast sandwiches
  • waffles

Also known as… carbs on carbs on carbs. Sure bacon and eggs will pop in there too, but the majority of classic breakfast foods are starchy carbs. When you try to eat something nontraditional first thing in the morning people get all bent out of shape.

`You had WHAT for breakfast?? Steak and salad?! What is WRONG with you, ya maniac?!

Ok… maybe that was an overreaction. But honestly, when I try to talk to clients about incorporating more protein and vegetables into their early morning routine they often have a very hard time with it. What does lunch usually consist of? A sandwich, wrap, soup, etc. And then dinner rolls around and it has to be the biggest meal of the day, often including massive portions to slip you into a pre-bed carb-coma. So how do we fix this…?

You first need to ask yourself why you`re eating. Are you eating because you love food and it`s a delicious treat? Or are you eating because you need to fuel your body? What if we broke out of the social norms of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and just started calling them meal one, meal two, etc.? I joke with my clients that I don`t have meals, I have feedings, (Yes… I`m aware that makes me sound like a farm animal) but isn`t that what eating is for? Fuel, energy, the calories that drive you through the day.

You want to eat fish and veggies for “breakfast“? Go for it. Want to have a veggie omelet for “dinner“? Who`s stopping you? Fuel your body with healthy varieties of protein, veggies, fats, and clean carbs to obtain optimal body composition, and forget the traditional. Remember… to get what you`ve never had you have to do what you`ve never done. You`re running the show, make the choices you know will bring you closer to, not further from, where you want to be.

Oh… and you should probably go lift something. 😉


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